Stop Wasting Money on Old Fluorescent Lighting - Convert to LEDs on Us!

Colorado businesses can upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting at little to no cost through incentive programs

Is your facility still relying on old fluorescent lighting?

Fluorescents might seem like the norm, but they waste massive amounts of energy and money.

The typical fluorescent lighting fixtures consume up to 75% more electricity than an equivalent LED lighting fixture.That’s money straight down the drain that could be staying in your pocket.

Fluorescents also burn out frequently, meaning the constant hassle of replacing old lamps and ballasts. The cost of an electrician to replace the old technology as well as the cost of the old fluorescent lamps and ballasts are on the rise. Switching to cost efficient long lasting LED lighting is a no brainer as it stacks the savings and provides one of the fastest return on investments for your business.

I could not be happier with the service we received and the end result! Our entire building is so lit up using less energy! Who would not agree this is the way to go. Thank you Switch-It-Up for such awesome service and perfect results!

Lisa Holenko

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The Solution

LED lighting puts an end to all of that waste. Converting from fluorescent to LEDs can reduce the lighting portion of your electric bill by 50 to 75%. LED lighting has an average lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. That’s an average of 11 to 22 years of daily use. With the long life of new LEDs, it almost eliminates lighting maintenance costs all together. Most LED upgrades also come with a 5-year warranty that covers your investment with a hassle free Total Service Package”. LEDs also operate with ZERO hazardous mercury.

Isn’t a facility wide LED Upgrade expensive? That used to be the case, but with Colorado’s new incentive programs and state funded fixed 3.45% apr loans, you can upgrade your business to cost efficient long lasting LED lighting fixtures and lamps with ZERO out of pocket and for qualifying customers little to no cost to you.

Take advantage of these two programs to maximize savings:

With either program, you can convert to beautiful, efficient, long-lasting LED lighting with no upfront cost. The programs even cover proper recycling of your old mercury fluorescent tubes.


Fixed 3.45% Financing From The National Energy Improvement Fund

Qualified businesses can finance 100% of their LED project costs with a low 3.45% APR and flexible 1-3 year repayment period. LED lighting cuts electricity usage so much that the energy savings typically exceed the monthly payment, making cash flow positive 45-days post LED Upgrade.


Xcel Energy's Small Business Energy Solutions Program

This incentive offer covers 100% of equipment (LED Lamps Only) and installation costs for qualifying small businesses. To date over 3,000 Colorado businesses have used this program to upgrade their properties with. Our team handles all the paperwork and works with you from start to finish for a hassle free experience.

Significant Savings

Over a 5-7 year period, most businesses save $20,000-40,000 in energy and maintenance costs after the LED switch. Those are savings that start hitting your bottom line immediately.

And because LED lighting runs so much cooler than fluorescents, your business can also save substantially on air conditioning. LEDs produce less heat than fluorescents, reducing HVAC run times and demands.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Switch-It-Up Founder and CEO, Michael Bellemare shares the story behind Switch-It-Up, and why we’re uniquely equipped to reduce cost, environmental impact and the quality of lighting in your residential or commercial space.

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FREE LED replacements for flourescent lighting...

Local utility companies are offering incentives that cover 100% of equipment (LED Lamps Only) and installation costs for qualifying small businesses.  To date Switch It Up has provided free LED upgrades to over 3,000 Colorado businesses using these programs.  Our team handles all the paperwork and works with you from start to finish for a hassle-free experience.

Join the 1000+ Colorado businesses who have upgraded with assistance from our team. See how much money we can save your company!

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